James scott

Q: Who's James Scott?

A: I am the founder of the Scottish Resistance set up to help regain Scotlands Independence. My Father also James Scott was a great Scottish Nationalist ,Internationalist & Socialist who believed in Freedom for all Nations & I carry on that mission to help Free Scotland & other Nations in the hope that all Nations will one day be Free.


Q: How did you get so knowledgable on historical info?

A:  I have several history books handed down through the family including Tales of a Grandfather a detailed history of Scotland by Sir Walter Scott. The book is over 150 years old. I also went to the main library in Glasgow the Mitchell Library & done detailed research from lots of different Scottish History Books


Q: When and how did you get into the fight for Scottish Independence and When did you found the Scottish Resistance?

A: I always believed in Scottish Independence after I read the story of William Wallace as a wee boy. The Scottish Resistance was founded in 2014 at the time of the Referendum I knew they were going to Rig it

Q: And finally, what would you message be to people that are between the two fires, that are unsure if they would vote yes in a 2nd referendum?

A: Educate yourself

Q: What was the greatest moment you have experienced so far within that fight for Scottish independence?

A: Speaking at The First March for Independence in The Netherlands as I regard the International support as the most important factor in the Fight for Independence


Q: Some people have this attitude on, that they want independence, but they do not want to work or share a platform with certain people. What would your message to them be?

A: Its nothing new in Scotland at the time of William Wallace there were lots of different groups fighting against each other. Even the guy who betrayed William Wallace, Menteith was at Bannockburn alongside Robert The Bruce fighting for Scotland's Independence


Q: In extension to the last question, during the last GE, a lot of people voted Labour or even tory, just because they do not like the SNP. What are your thoughts on that?

A: I was with the SNP from 1970 to 2015 when they suspended me because of an alleged riot in St Enoch Square against Jim Murphy. There was no riot nobody was spoken to by the police or arrested. Why would the SNP believe lies of Brit Newspapers when all they ever do is attack the SNP. The SNP is no longer the party I joined dedicated to INDEPENDENCE. They seem to have put Independence on the back burners. They are out of touch with the people thats why they lost votes at the last election.


Thank you James for your time. And please keep up the good work.


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