Raimond Dijkstra:

I am a Dutch citizen and I live in the Hague. I have always had a fascination with Scotland abd it's history and culture. And about 8 years ago, I came over for the first time with my dad. And just fell in love with the country and it's people. Then the 2014 referendum came around and as so many others, I felt gutted with the result, But more so, I felt disgusted with the biast media, leading up to the referendum and it keeps going on till this day. One of the things that was said all the time, Scotland can not make it on it's own financially. Utter nonsense. It is Westminster that is afraid to lose a lot of revenue. Right now, All of Scotland's revenue is going to Westminster and all Scotland gets back is a form of allowence. They know they are in deep s&@t if Scotland goes independent and they will. So when the referendum had past, I felt the need to do something. I joined the SNP and I Signed up with the Scottish resistance. I have been a member of the Admin team for 2 years now. And last year, I founded Netherlands for Scottish independence and we held our first international march and rally in the Hague on april 22nd 2017. And to borrow a quote from James Scott, I will never give up the fight for Scotland's Freedom.

This year I will be attending the march and rally in Berlin on september 2nd 2017, where I also will be a speaker and I will also be attending the AUOB march and HOF rally on september 16th 2017

James Scott:

I am the Founder of The Scottish Resistance which I started in September 2014 after I witnessed the disgusting tactics of the Westminster Government during the Scottish Independence Referendum. They controlled all our Media at that time Newspapers & Television and frightened the people of Scotland with a scare mongering campaign never before witnessed before on planet earth. We must remember history the British Empire was the most Brutal off all killing over 2 Billion People and No Nation has ever escaped Westminster rule easily.
They rigged the Referendum even making it 45% deliberately because of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising which they crushed when they massacred the highlanders at Culloden. Even if they were fare which they never will be they have never let any of their colonies go because of a Referendum. Of all the hundreds of Nations that won independence they either Declared UDI or the ruling power walked away after they were pissed off with constant protests. I intend to Piss them OFF.

Phil Malloy:

The man in the mask my friend Phil Malloy a young man who died in tragic circumstances and who is very much missed.
Phil was one of the first to Join The Resistance a great Scottish Patriot who had a passion to Fight for Scotland's Freedom that I have only seen in very few individuals.Phil would turn up at all our events & meetings before he hit troubled times that eventually led to his death at a very young age. A young man cut down in his prime another victim of the Westminster shite system against the working class.

Neil "Kir" Johnstone:

Neil is a passionate Scottish patriot. Primary teacher by day. Online for political debate and banter. Not a fan of bigotry or xenophobia. Soar Alba!

Joe Currie:

I am a life long indy campaigner who first joined the Scottish Resistance in 2014 after the referendum result.
We where lied to by the politicians and media to keep us in this corrupt union and James Scott took a stand and I stand with him.
I love Scottish history, our culture, our heritage, the very things the Scottish Resistance defend from those that wish to turn Scotland into a region rather than a country and we will not stop till Scotland is free again.